Product Description

The perfect observation bivy bag with self-standing double pole support. Two tent poles form a small dome at the head end which provides enough space for the user to handle Binoculars, a fishing rod, or other piece of equipment.

The bivy bag slopes down from the shoulder to the foot end thus preventing straight lines which are easily spotted.

The L-shaped opening makes it convenient to get in and out of the bag which can be closed with 2 zippers. All zippers are protected by a specially designed storm flap to make them absolutely waterproof. The big observation opening at the front allows an observation range of 180Åã and can be closed completely in bad weather. Both the observation opening and the access opening are fitted with a mosquito net. There are 5 loops on the back of the

Observer to hold the insulating mat in place.

Packing size: 35 x 12cm (13.8 x 4.5”)

Weight 1.75kg (13.72 oz)