Product Description

A ground to air signal balloon.

Designed by the military for the military.

■ Quick deployment – under 2 minutes

■ Lightweight carbon fibre large capacity helium cylinder

■ Large (over 1 meter) orange balloon

■ Day or night time visible. Attach a chemical light (two supplied)

■ Radar reflective

■ Reusable

■ Lightweight and safe to use

■ Can be quickly used to mark your Drop Zone position or if in need of rescue.

■ Will float high above any jungle or forest

■ 75 metre (250 feet) strong tether

■ Can be operated by one person within minutes

■ Uses inert helium gas to inflate 136 litre Radar Reflective balloon

■ Two chemical light disks (supplied) can be attached to both sides of the balloon giving at night an excellent signal, especially if the pilot is wearing NV goggles

■ Can be seen over 10 miles away

■ The balloon will stay aloft for many days

■ Can be pulled back down and released back up as required

■ The balloon has an excellent lifting capacity and can take up approximatly 80 gms i.e. a radio antenna etc above the canopy

■ Also very effective in other distress environments, e.g. maritime, desert and woodland etc

■ The foil balloon gives a large radar reflective signature (over 10 meters)

Packed size: 39 x 25 x 12cm (15 x 9.8 x 4.7”)

Balloon open size: 119 x 66cm (46.8 x 25.9”)

Weight: under 800 grams (1.76lbs)