Product Description

Emergency/Triage lights are bright, long lasting, tough, multicolour lights
developed to signal various emergency conditions and locations. Great general
purpose lights.

■ Four colours in one device (IR/ Red

■ Fifteen different modes to choose
from: IR, light grenade/distraction,
dual red/green LED medic selection
and more.

■ Emergency Off Feature: To turn off
the E/T Light simply hold switch down
for 3 seconds. There is no need to
scroll through all the selections.

■ Locking Feature – locks in the
selected color after 3 seconds
of having been left on a particular
selection. This serves several
purposes, one it prevents triaged
patients from easily upgrading their
triage status. Two, when attached to
a patient or personnel it prevents the
lights from changing color if the
switch is inadvertently pressed.

■ Last selection memory in case of
power loss for any reason. The light
turns back on to the last selection
before power was lost.

■ 3 hour auto off timer. This
helps prevent battery drain in case
the lights are activated or left on
Battery: Replaceable 3 Volt CR2
Weight: 43.4 gram
Size: 7.9 x 2.85 cm (3.125 x 1.125”)
Package size: 8.89 x 3.49 cm (3.5 x 1.375”)
Light source: LED (approx 100,000 hrs life)
Battery life: 50 hours – 200+ hours (dependant on battery make, colour/mode)
Operating temperatures: -30°F to 130°F
Depth rating: Pressure tested for 1 hour down to 66ft of water
NATO Approved: NSN: 6230-01-605-9635
50+ hrs
43.4g CR2

■ 5 Hour Laser Emergency Signal Device
■ Equal to 300 x 1-minute flares
■ Signal up to 48km (30 miles)
■ Waterproof to 24 metres (80 feet)
■ No Fire Hazard
■ Environmentally Safe
■ Effective in daytime at reduced distances.
■ Locate reflective material up to one mile (1.6km) away.
■ Non flammable, Non hazardous
■ Rugged, machined aluminium anodized to prevent corrosion’
■ Long life laser diode – 5,000 hours meantime to failure.

Weight: 78g (2.75oz) without battery
Power Supply: One 3V CR123 lithium battery gives approx. 5
hours operating hours.
Wavelength: 532nm
Size: 12x 2.24Lcm (4.72L x 0.88”)