Product Description

The original protective over garment just got better


The BCB Protective Over-garment (POG) offers protection against fragments during blasts from IED’s, and help guard against life changing injuries such as perineal and femoral artery injuries.


The BCB POG strap provides as much comfort as possible whilst providing high level ballistic protection to the groin and posterior.

The front portion is designed with just clip to enable the wearer to easily urinate, without having to doff or unravel the garment.

This feature seems like a small benefit, but it is amplified during an operation.


■ Comfortable

■ Fully adjustable

■ NIJ Level IIIA

■ Jock –Strap design

■ Front can be worn separate to the rear section

■ Easy to don and doff

■ Cupped shape to the front provides space and airflow

■ Overall weight of just 970g. Front portion weighing just 480g

■ Rear attaches with one clip at the front and two G-Hooks at the sides

■ Each size is adjustable to fit various shapes and sizes

■ Rear attachment elasticated to conform to the wearer’s movements in use

■ Rear can be folded and stowed on the back of the wearer

■ Robust and abrasion resistant 500 denier Nylon carrier and Nylon webbing

■ Designed to be worn over combat trousers

■ Berry and ‘Made in America Act compliant

■ Groin section is soft and flexible for comfort